Top 10 Youtube channels for Flutter developers (2020)

Top 10 Youtube channels for Flutter developers (2020)

It's 2020 and the rate in which Flutter is trending is increasing exponentially, and learning can be difficult if people are not been pointed to the right resources. With the below-curated list of the youtube channel, I believe it will help flutter developers to learn and master the Flutter.

Official Flutter Youtube Channel

Flutter Youtube channel is a goto place to learn things about flutter, the Flutter team has published various content on flutter. you will get to know things about different widgets, Google IO videos content on flutter, Flutter Interact and lot more.


MTECHVIRAL is a youtube channel created and managed by Pawan Kumar known as imthepk, Pawan Kumar is the first Google Developer Expert in Indian and he is also an expert for web, firebase e.t.c. He has spent the last 2 years creating a lot of awesome content on flutter.


Fireship has huge content that varies from the web, firebase, flutter e.t.c. Fireship is a goto place to learn various things as a flutter developer either beginner, intermediate or expert. Fireship was created and managed by Jeff Delaney. Jeff Delaney is a Google Developer Expert for firebase and he is passionate about creating content for the community.

Code With Andrea.

Andrea Bizzotto is a Google Developer Expert in Flutter, Udemy instructor and the founder of CodeWithAdrea Youtube channel. Andrea created the channel to be a better flutter developer and he has published videos on flutter for the community.

Marcus Ng

Marcus Ng is a mobile app developer specializing in building apps with Flutter and Swift. Marcus Ng is also an Udemy instructor and the founder of Marcus Ng youtube channel, he has published a lot of flutter content on his youtube channel. feel free to give his channel a shot.

Raja Yogan

Raja Yogan Youtube channel was created and managed by Raja Yogan himself. Raja Yogan is a Software Engineer, Consultant, and Architect in India, who is passionate about flutter, firebase, and mobile app development. Raja Yogan Youtube channel has a lot of flutter tutorials, tip, and trick you can learn as a flutter developer

Reso Coder

Reso Coder is a Youtube channel that has a lot of content for beginner, intermediate and expert alike. Subscribe to the channel so you can catch up with the upcoming video

Techie Blossom

Techie Bossom is a youtube channel that has a lot of amazing content around flutter, firebase, and web. if you are a beginner flutter developer who wants to build apps to have the experience, Techie Blossom youtube channel is for you.


Another Youtube channel to explore its content is FilledStack. FilledStack has content dedicated to flutter alone, there are a lot of flutter widgets, tricks and tips you need to add to what you already know. Filledstack also has a dev blog where you can read and learn thing around flutter click here

The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja is a youtube channel that has a lot of amazing content not only flutter also various content across all areas on the web. The Net Ninja channel was created and managed by Shaun. Shaun is a Udemy instructor who is obsessed with technology and loves creating content around it.


I hope the above channels will help you to learn flutter faster and easier, if you have any other youtube channel that is not on the list please feel free to drop it in the comment box.